Missional Entrepreneurship

11-16 November 2012, Pickwell Manor Devon

Want to start your own missional enterprise or project?
This week will tackle issues faced in starting up mission projects and social enterprise:

How will you get started?
How will it be sustained?
Who is going to be involved?
How will you build a team?
How will you measure the impact?

In addition we will look at social enterprise and what it's relevance is today, its history and what unique opportunities it provides.

During the week you will be hands on working on a missional enterprise to tackle a social issue, engage community and do it in a financially sustainable way.

This Module is available as part of the CMS Pioneer Training Course or as a one off module

The week will be led by Shannon Hopkins, founder of Sweet Notions and Matryoshka Haus social enterprises, and business entrepreneur Steve Baker (one of whose business endeavours is Pickwell Manor where we will be hosted).

Cost - only £250 including food and accomodation.
Dates - 11-16 November, 2011
Location - Pickwell Manor, Devon
To book - e-mail Helen at pioneer@cms-uk.org

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